Android Game: Stack-A-Ball


Real-time puzzle for a quick mind!

Stack the balls in rows: the game finishes when the balls are in positions shown on the board, and there are no extra balls. When three or more balls of the same color touch, they explode. Control falling balls by tilting the device. To launch a ball tap anywhere.

This game is a miniature model of life. You need to plan ahead, see opportunities, and act on them quickly. You need to be able to survive long streaks of bad luck. And like in real life one wrong move can ruin all your hard work.

Happy gaming!





  • Easy to learn, hard to master
  • Requires quick thinking and good coordination
  • Highly addictive
  • No shooting, but lots of action
  • Tests your survival skills
  • Fun for the whole family
  • Includes 5 (Free) or 7 (Pro) levels of difficulty

Free App:

Pro App: